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Time to pass the baton to a new board

by The 100 Companies

As my two-year commitment as HOA Board Chair of The Enclave comes to a close, I’ll be rotating off after our January meeting to allow the board to continue to grow with new members bringing even more creative thoughts and ideas to the table.

The original board faced many issues, and  it’s certainly been a blessing to have worked with this current team in resolving them. I’d like to thank Fred, David, Brent, Chris B., Jason, and Chris S. for all the hard work and dedication they put into each and every issue we dealt with. You guys rock!

Other board members will also be rotating off the board in January. To date we have three nominees (one who owns a home in The Enclave, and two others who should be building in 2022). We hope you’ll support our nominees at our January meeting, and we can all work together to make The Enclave the BEST community on Lake James!

– Eric LaPrad, President, The Enclave at Lake James Board of Directors

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