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What is and Who is the Declarant?

by The 100 Companies

Welcome to this special issue of The Enclave 100 – all about governance of our HOA. Of many questions HOA Board members received about our Covenants and Amendments, the top three are “What is a Declarant? Who is the Declarant? Are they still the Declarant?”

Here’s a good answer for “What is a Declarant?”

Our Declarant is BFH Partners, Davidson, NC, operating as PremierLand.

Are they still The Enclave’s Declarant? Your Board has sought definitive answers to that question since 2019, including careful reading of NC Act 47F. We promise to finalize that answer in 2024. Until then, we’ll continue our study.

– Chris Schroder, President, The HOA Board of Directors

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