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New CCRs for ease of reading – with one caveat

by The 100 Companies

After receiving Amendments last month to the original 2018 CCRs, The Enclave HOA Board has met three times to study the changes and analyze their community implications. In the process, we discovered a previously unknown 2021 amendment filed by the Declarant.

For ease of reading and not having to compare three separate documents, the Board merged the documents into the attached PDFs for each county.

Please note these documents are for illustrative purposes only and for ease of use/reference. The governing documents are those officially recorded in the respective counties and any discrepancies that arise, the governing documents shall prevail.

2023 Merged CCRs The Enclave Burke County

2023 Merged CCRs The Enclave McDowell County

2021 Amendment Burke County Marina assignment

– Charlie Owens, Vice President, The HOA Board of Directors

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